The Coach’s Corner Ep 4 Sarah Fraser, MCC

Welcome to Episode 4 of The Coach’s Corner! In this episode, Coach Terry is joined by Sarah Fraser, MCC and owner of Happiness Express Coaching.

Sarah is an accomplished leadership coach, ICF mentor, and workshop facilitator with many years of coaching experience.

As a Master Certified Coach, Sarah has spent over 2500 hours coaching individuals to help them achieve their goals and has mentored many coaches in gaining their ICF credentials.

In this episode;

• We’ll dive into Sarah’s journey as a coach and what continues to motivate her.

• We’ll also explore some common misconceptions about coaching and how Sarah addresses them with her clients.

• Sarah will also share a challenging coaching experience and how she overcame it to help her client succeed.

• We’ll discuss how Sarah approaches coaching clients with different cultural backgrounds or language barriers, and the strategies she uses to ensure effective communication.

• Sarah will reveal how she continues developing her coaching skills, staying current with industry trends and best practices, and how technology such as AI shapes coaching.

Join us for this informative and inspiring episode, as we learn from Sarah’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the coaching world.

Watch the video to learn more.

Get in touch with Sarah on Linkedin or at her website

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